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Bobs Pet Stop Inc In Newtown PA Provides Top Rated Dog Training Solutions

Bobs Pet Stop provides proven dog training methods to local owners and their pets. There are courses for puppies, service dogs and working dogs of all ages.

PRESS RELEASE: Newtown PA, 09-APRIL-2015 – Bobs Pet Stop Inc and certified dog trainer, Bob Staples, are pleased to announce that he has the knowledge and experience to provide top-rated dog training practices. The Newtown PA dog obedience authority has many years of experience in providing training for dogs from puppyhood to adult animals. Puppies need to be taught how to live with their human owners. The same is true of older dogs who have been rescued from a shelter.

In most instances, dogs are anxious to please, but need to be shown what is expected of them. Young dogs tend to have some behavior that is troublesome, such as lack of appropriate toileting practices. Older dogs may have developed anti-social habits simply to survive if they have been running loose. These habits are somewhat harder to unlearn, but it can be done with the right training.

Mr. Staples never uses harsh or painful methods in his training courses. Instead, he relies on praise and rewards to convince the animal of the best choice of behavior. This approach to training animals has been shown to be more favorable and more effective.

In addition to general obedience training, Bob Staples provides specific training which is appropriate for rescue and therapy animals. He can also assist with training for service animals. The actual work of training is done in the home of the owner, so that the animal is working in surroundings which are familiar to it. Mr. Staples also provides homework for the owner to practice between his visits to the owner’s home.

Learn more about dog training by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions about the information in this press release are encouraged to contact Bob Staples at the location listed below.

Contact Person Name: Bob Staples, President

Company Name: Bobs Pet Stop Inc

Address: Newtown, PA

Contact Telephone Number: (215) 598-7776

Mobile Telephone Number: (267) 994-5390



Dog Obedience Tips Offered By Newtown PA Dog Trainer

If individuals are dealing with a rambunctious puppy and cannot get the animal to behave properly, they will need to be proactive as quickly as they can. By following some effective tips provided by a Newtown PA dog obedience professional, pet owners can conquer their problems. The animal will soon become a peaceful member of the family.

Young dogs will need to learn how to sit and stay when told to do so by their owners. In fact, it is best to instill this behavior while the animals are still young. Once this has occurred, the animal can move on to more advanced training techniques in the weeks and months down the road.

If the dog is going to be professionally groomed at some point in the future, he/she will need to become familiar with being around strangers. Puppies that are socialized frequently will have an easier time adjusting to new situations. Socialization parties a few times each month can work wonders.

Puppies will need to get used to eating healthy food during most days of the week. While bones and treats can be given on special occasions, the animals should not expect to gorge on them every night. Treats can also be given if the puppy has mastered a particularly difficult task.

Some families might wish for their puppy to sleep in a cage while they are out for the day. This way, the canine will get used to having a bed of its own. Owners can ensure that this process moves along by physically putting the dog in the bed each night.

In the end, canines that learn to behave properly will make great pets. They will remain a part of the family for many years. Whenever the owners leave the home, the dogs will be able to relax without going on a rampage.

Bobs Pet Stop provides Newtown PA Dog Obedience services that you can trust. To find out more on our services, check us out on the Web today at

How To Have An Obedient Dog With A Newtown PA Dog Obedience Trainer

Getting a young puppy to follow the rules of the household can sometimes be tough. With the assistance of a Newtown PA dog obedience professional, however, there should be no problems. Pet owners will be very pleased with the process and will enjoy many years of trouble free living.

Some animals will not behave properly when they go for walks. Professionals will be able to instill some behavior modifications in them so that they do not tug on the leash. This way, individuals can take their pet on walks down the street without worrying about bad behavior.

Potty training can also be difficult to deal with sometimes. Puppies that have not been trained right will likely urinate on the rug repeatedly. By using some delicate but firm techniques, professionals will train the animals to go to the bathroom outside so that the fixtures inside can be kept in good shape.

Eating and drinking behavior can also be modified. Some canines, for example, might be overprotective of their food bowls. They could growl and perhaps even bite when people try to move the food dish to another location. Puppies that are broken in a bit will come to realize that their owners control the food sources.

Multiple sessions might be required for canines that have severe issues, but this is par for the course. Older dogs might take a little longer to train, but owners should stick with the process. The animals will soon learn to behave as they are taught.

In the end, finding a good obedience professional will be crucial to the overall success of the project. Animals will learn to listen to their owners and to do what they want. The entire household will become more serene, and the carpet should likewise remain in great shape for many more years.

Get a brief summary of the things to consider before picking a Newtown PA dog obedience trainer and more information about an experienced trainer at now.