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Bobs Pet Shop Inc In Furlong, PA 18925 Offers Quality Puppy Training And Obedience Classes

Bobs Pet Stop offers a variety of dog obedience training classes. The pets are those from eight weeks of age and upwards.

PRESS RELEASE: Newtown PA, 02-DECEMBER-2014 – Bobs Pet Stop Inc and certified dog trainer, Bob Staples, are pleased to announce that the company provides a quality trainer to improve behavior in puppies and adult dogs as well. It is important for training to begin early in order to gain the best results. Pets need guidance in order to understand what is expected of them. The Bucks County PA dog obedience training professional is experienced from many years of working with pets of all types and ages.

The foundational lessons in control and obedience are the first step in improving the puppy’s behavior. The training is based on positive reinforcement. Dog owners who want to be able to control the pets will see significant improvement within a few weeks, if daily practice is done. This type of course is useful when there is a new puppy in the house, but it is also helpful for rescue or adopted dogs and older companion animals who need to learn the basics of acceptable behavior in the home, when there are guests, or around the neighborhood.

The course is designed to work with dogs of eight weeks or older. The owner is taught how to control the dog’s behavior. It includes basic obedience, but also eliminates difficult or challenging behaviors such as showing dominant behavior, negative cage training behaviors, house breaking and soiling issues and barking obsessively for attention, as well as many others.

Instruction can be arranged in the location where the majority of the problems occur. Common locations include in the residence, park, in town or around the neighborhood. Daily practice will be encouraged by the use of written instruction and dog training videos.

Learn more about puppy training by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press and those who have further questions regarding the information in this press release are encouraged to contact Bob Staples at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Bob Staples, President

Company Name: Bobs Pet Stop Inc

Address: Newtown, PA

Contact Telephone Number: (215) 598-7776

Mobile Telephone Number: (267) 994-5390



Teach Your Dog Obedience With A Furlong PA 18925 In Home Dog Trainer

Having a pet can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can also be a lot of hard work. Learning how to train your puppy won’t prove easy, especially if your have purchased a difficult breed. Fortunately, you can get the results you want with a Bucks County PA dog obedience trainer.

These professionals have a keen understanding of the inherent behaviors of different breeds. They know how to get different types of dogs to adopt acceptable behaviors. This makes the overall training process much easier given that they can use breed-specific training strategies and resources.

You don’t have to worry about using training tactics that will cause more harm than good. People who try to train their pets on their own often make a number of mistakes. These can cause animals to develop the wrong habits and behaviors and will make the overall training process far longer and much more complicated than it has to be.

Having your animal trained in-house will make him or her more familiar with the rules of your home. This is why many prefer this style of teaching over instruction that is offered in a larger environment with other dogs. It is also much more convenient to have your provider show up at your home with all necessary materials in hand.

When working with an experienced provider, these efforts will take a very nominal amount of time. Thus, whether you are house breaking your pup or want to put aggressive behaviors to a stop, this could be the best way to do it. Your dog will show remarkable progress after each and every lesson.

The best part of using these services is being able to get helpful tips for the care of your new pet. You can learn how to help you animal establish healthy habits and a positive lifestyle. Thus, your provider will be working with you quite a bit as well.

Find an overview of the advantages you get when you hire an in-home dog trainer and and more information about a reliable Bucks County PA dog obedience trainer at now.